1. Have faith in your ability as an entrepreneur.

There are two things that get in the way of dreams — self-doubt and fear. These are protection mechanisms that many use as safety nets and excuses. If someone doesn’t truly believe they have what it takes to be successful or if they are scared of聽falling flat on their face聽they will revert back to these two roadblocks.

It’s much easier to say, “I knew it couldn’t be done” than to take it on聽the chin and try again. When you have faith in your ability, the fear is eliminated and the self-doubt doesn’t surface. It’s very hard to lose when your idea and execution plan is backed by confidence, drive and determination.

2. Remain in the correct mindset 24/7/365.

So much of聽the entrepreneurial journey is mental. If you are weak-minded, the smallest inconveniences or hurdles will stop your momentum and cause your goals to go up in smoke. You need to wake up every morning in a positive mindset, willing to do everything necessary to reach your goals.

You then have to maintain that mindset all day and then go to sleep with it as well. It’s a non-stop cycle — any pause will make you lose momentum. This is what makes this game difficult sometimes — phone calls come in at all hours, emails go back and forth far beyond 5 p.m., and sometimes duty calls on the weekend.

If you have big dreams, then you need to go all-in and commit to maintaining the entrepreneurial mindset around the clock. There are several examples of entrepreneurs who聽went broke and then found success聽— the accomplished this by staying in the correct mindset and becoming obsessed.

3. Never be afraid of dreaming too big.

One thing that pisses me off more than anything聽is hearing someone shut down an entrepreneur’s dream or idea, deeming it impossible or unrealistic. Some of the luxuries and conveniences we all enjoy today started out as outrageous dreams,聽then聽became reality when we ignored the doubters and got to work. Not everyone is an entrepreneur and not everyone has the inner drive required to dream big, but don’t ever let the opinion of another person crush your dreams.聽Dream big, dream often and never worry about what anyone else will think.