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With a growing network of thousands of young entrepreneurs across different African states, we envision a world where every aspiring and enterprising African can transform their life by accessing the world’s best learning experience.

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With several learning content curated for African entrepreneurs, we are helping individuals reach their goals and pursue their dreams.

Elite Entrepreneurs Academy is a global Action Learning community of business leaders. The academy is designed for the young African entrepreneur seeking to develop specific business management skills in just one month. Business Academy courses are not your typical online courses. Our model provides the opportunity to learn by watching, doing, discussing, and reflecting.

We help organizations of all kinds prepare for the ever-evolving future of work. Our curated collection of top-rated business and technical courses gives companies, governments, and nonprofits the power to develop in-house expertise and satisfy employees’ hunger for learning and development.

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Tons of free courses give you access to on-demand video lectures, homework exercises, and community discussion forums. Paid courses provide additional quizzes and projects as well as a shareable Course Certificate upon completion.

On our platform, you have access to:

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Plan your schedule and study with convenience. Take your lectures, lessons, and all other activities anytime within the course span

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Easily interact with your course instructor and interact with other students taking the same course and form groups and forums.

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Stream your video lectures from anywhere, or download them for offline viewing at anytime. Stay tuned for our Apps for iOS and Android.

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Get rewarded for completing your course. Receive shareable certificates that you can add to your resume and LinkedIn Profile.

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Some of our students have this to say

CEO BabsFood NG
Elite Entrepreneurs Network has been an eye opening platform for me. The experience gained from the various phases of activities we have been made to pass through has impacted in me the courage to be a true and successful entrepreneur, starting from the online academy to the business pitch and grants event. I got my business registered, my ideas fine tuned and established through the grants received to meet the demand of a wider range of market. Above all, my network has grown and improved through the platform, I have great young business associates of like minds around me now. This has really helped me to remain focused and persistent. Of a truth my success story is incomplete without the recognition of this great platform. Thanks to E.E.N.
Adewumi Gboyega CEO BabsFood NG
Creative Director, AB Ties & Accesories
E.E.N. has helped me and my business by taking me through the fundamental elements that aid for a successful startup. From courses I've taken, the basics to intermediate Entrepreneurship skills were greatly dealt with, right from the Ideation, conceptualization, modelling to planning and execution. I have been able to unlearn and relearn. The pitch events of E.E.N. have helped me realize how useful and effective my idea is to my community and the African market space at large. Being awarded a grant was therefore not only timely but also valuable in so many ways. I SAY A BIG THANK YOU To ELITE ENTREPRENEURS NETWORK.
Oduntan Abiola Hannah Creative Director, AB Ties & Accesories
CEO Evelyn Cakes & Pastries
Elite Entrepreneurs Network has provided a platform where young entrepreneurs like myself can actually learn what it takes to be successful entrepreneurs, by creating in us the ability to be independent, helping us to build the confidence in taking risks smartly and intelligently, because business could involve a lot of risk, teach us on how to think critically in order to come up with great ideas so as to create innovative solutions to problems and how to maximize the output of the given resources.
Olukitibi Abisoye Dorcas CEO Evelyn Cakes & Pastries
CEO Dynatech
As a entrepreneur, E.E.N. has groomed me with the ability to create technical strategies for my business. I've learnt to be accountable at every point in time and also to limit the interference of my personal life and emotions with my business. E.E.N. has really shaped and sharpened my mind and I'm grateful for each and every opportunity of inspiration for life. Thank you E.E.N. for the great job.
Daniel Omeje CEO Dynatech
E.E.A. Student
E.E.N. is a blessing to me. E.E.N. has taught me a lot. Spanning from understanding of value, being a leader, getting to know my vision and purpose, SMART goals, evaluating ones self , understanding the entrepreneurs mindset to customers service and lot more. It was an awesome experience and it has helped me a lot as an entrepreneur. I love the fact that it helps me to be more accountable. Thanks E.E.N.
Ibitoye Temitope E.E.A. Student
CEO Tech-City (Toristronics)
The Elite Entrepreneurship Network (E.E.N.) is an organization put together to assist and develop young entrepreneurs by equipping them with proper knowledge needed before launching their ideas because when an entrepreneur is properly informed he cannot fail over the knowledge gained, thus E.E.N. helps entrepreneurs to stand on their feet and also stand out among other entrepreneurs of the same field by giving them an eye opening lecture containing tests and exams so as to be well assured if they are really getting it.
Adubina Victor Adedayo CEO Tech-City (Toristronics)